Tuesday, 20 March 2012

How to change back to the old Facebook profile from the new timeline

Hello guys! It's again a long time I posted! Guess I've become lazy. Anyway today I'll reveal hard facts about the Facebook Timeline. The latest upgrade in the User Interface of Facebook. Though it's a complete contrast to the old UI - the Wall and Profile, some people like it whereas some don't. This post is for the latter. :)

Bad news:-

Good news:-
Well, so the hard-wired fact is that YOU CAN'T DEGRADE ONCE YOU UPGRADE TO THE NEW UI. (TIMELINE).

But, we could do ATLEAST some things. I'm sure you're desperate to know. So read on.

We know (by now) that we can't get back our good old profile. The Timeline is here to stay. However, some of the new parts of this timeline can be changed if not the whole thing.

  • The new Facebook Ticker Box: This element dynamically shows real time updates and notifications. Found in the top right are of the UI. Also above the chat box at times. (When chat window is open) Many might find this useful. (Trust me, I don't even look or bother about it!) But also (as usual) many hate this and consider it to be a huge distraction. So you might want to disable this:-

    Permanent removal:-
    1. Google Chrome users: Chrome users can easily and permanently get rid of this ticker by jut installing the Facebook News Ticker Remover extension.

    2. Firefox, Safari and Opera users: Can use Facebook Purity Addon collection. This extension has been updated to remove news ticker from Facebook website when you browse it in either of Firefox, Opera or Safari web browser. For example: Firefox users can open F.B Purity homepage and then click Firefox option to download relevant addon for web browser. Once addon is installed, restart Firefox Browser (you will get prompt for the same). After restart, open and login to Facebook. Click on FB Purity options button above news feed at the top of Facebook. (Below the status update text field.) This will open the options box, click to check "Ticker Bar" option and then click "Save and Close" button. This will remove ever so irritating new updates ticker.
    3. Other Browser users: Other web browser users can also use the relevant userstyle script for removing the Facebook Ticker Box. You can use either this or this user scripts in web browser of your choice to remove real time new updates ticker box.

    NOTE:- You can also "temporarily" hide the ticker box (and display it back) by clicking the icon shown below:-
  • New fixed NavBar at top:- This is another feature of the new UI (User Interface). This one is one I can't actually stand. Seriously. Gets on my nerves! :P The rest are good indeed. But not this! x( Well, this new NavBar is cool enough but the only uncool part about is the fact that it sticks to the top of the screen, even though you scroll down. This pisses me. :/

    1. For Google Chrome people: Just open your Chrome and install the Unannoying Facebook extension. Restart and use Facebook! :D
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Good Bye!

Friday, 26 August 2011

Make A Facebook Virus For Your Friends!

Hello guys! It's been quite some time since I posted! I was busy with my exams and stuff like that. This is my first post on writing computer viruses. So I would begin with a personal experience. I had recently heard from many people around me, that a Facebook virus had spread which simply goes about, deletes their Facebook account, and shuts their PC off!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Hacking Codes For Nokia Cell Phones

I had previously published a post, in which I had shown you a way to Know If your Nokia Cell Phones Are Good Quality/Original.  I recently thought of publishing some more Cellphone Hacks so here are some of the Nokia cell phone hacking codes I am posting, almost all of them work. But if it doesn't, don't worry!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Facebook Launches New 'Dislike' Button!

A new facebook scam message is spreading rapidly and has gone viral among the facebook users,  It looks like that Facebook has became most favorite play ground for spammers, After the Dad Catches Daughter on Webcam scam it seems like Facebook Dislike button has gone viral, Here is the screenshot of the Facebook dislike button scam message:

Saturday, 6 August 2011

How To Do Group Chat In Facebook

Did you know that Facebook recently launched a cool new thing about their chat system? Well, you know that Facebook had recently changed the look and layout of their chat mechanism, many people told that they did not like this new chat box. So if you are one of them, the good news is that I have also written a post on how to get your old facebook chat box back. Maybe you would like to check that out as well. Another cool post is on a trick to use Facebook chat in a different way.

Well this post will help you know how to do some "Group Chat" in Facebook. Read on!

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Get Back The Old Facebook Chat Box!

Hello! I am back again! Well, today, I have a very "talked about" topic. This topic is discussed a lot among my friends. Some even updated their status to something like:

" Hate the new chat box! x( "

Well, I have one of the best ideas to counter this new thing! Well, most of us don't like the new Facebook Chat box. My friends were also finding ways to revert this change, that Facebook made without any apparent notification. Also I have written a post on How to disable that new "lightbox" photo viewer. Maybe you might want to check that out as well!

Monday, 25 July 2011

Disable New Facebook Photo Viewer

Different Photos On Facebook

We all use Facebook. Everyday. We use it to a great extent. Facebook is the most prominent and user friendly Social Network. We add, view, many photos by our friends and us. A few months ago, Facebook had introduced a new kind of viewer for photos. When you click on an image, or a link to an image, a black box pops up on your screen, and then the image eventually loads in it.

The developers at Facebook thought that this might be a great improvement! Because you don't need to get to a new page just to see a picture that is already on your wall or somewhere!

But some people think that the old viewer was loads better. They wish they could revert back to it once more. So today I will tell you how to disable this new viewer.